We have phrased our commitment towards quality in our Quality Policy that you can read by clicking HERE

To ensure the quality of our products we have a well-equipped measuring room with lots of inspection devices. 3 pcs of Zeiss 3D Coordinate Measuring Machine, 2 pcs of Mahr contour graphs and a Mahr XR20 roughness tester are available in our lab.

Constant, high quality assurance is a personal responsibility for all of our employees. This sense of responsibility is achieved by a flexible bonus system, which depends on the quality of the produced parts. Based on our experience, the method guarantees the motivation of our employee and customer satisfaction for a long term.

We adopted our Quality Control procedures conform to IATF 16949:2016 standard, to download our existing certificate, click HERE

Zeiss Duramax 3D CMM, 500x500x500mm

Mahr XC2 contour graph, Mitutoyo SJ-201 roughtness tester